Arti 3 Hari

Tiada kepalsuan, tak ada pula keraguan.

Semua begitu nyata, dirangkai dalam kata-kata.

Bukti jeritan diri, membayar waktu yang tak mencukupi.

#Lesimor's song lyric

Forgive Me

For my selfishness, forgive me for my foolishness, forgive me for my unhappiness.

Start from day to day, later become my own way.

#Lesimor's song lyric

Here I Am

I'm talking to myself, wishing one dream from what I have.

You're talking to them but not to me, I'm feeling painful once a time, you cannot behave.

#Lesimor's song lyric

My Friend

Please don't hang up, please don't give up, I won't let you fall.

My friend, please don't look back please don't forget that I'll be here for you.

#Lesimor's song lyric

Fighter & Sinner

Let's continue what we have started,commonly i just cannot have it.

Lovely, fighter and sinner are always blended, gradually lead to what if created.

#Lesimor's song lyric


Kurindu dekapanmu, hangat tubuhmu, 

cairkan dingin hatiku.

Kuharap sentuhanmu, belai dan kecupmu, 

luruhkan amarah jiwaku.

#Lesimor's song lyric


Ucapkan cinta, bila kau mencintaku, 

Jangan kau lupa, ada yang ingin kutahu.

Besarnya hati mu, untuk menerima aku, 

Semua hari hariku

#Lesimor's song lyric


This is just lullaby, for your to hear and cry.

In here I have never try

To love you and bring you fly

#Lesimor's song lyric

One Night

What are you doing up there?

2 years ago in this hour, you were next to me

If only a second chance, If only another year